Cashback Bonus Casinos 2021

One of the most popular promotions in the gaming industry is the casino cashback, in English: the casino money-back guarantee. Indeed, it is as the name suggests. With this bonus you get your money back. Who couldn't use that, especially in an industry where you are guaranteed to lose money first. Cashback bonuses protect you from excessive losses by crediting you back with money that you have previously gambled away. It is like a safety net when gambling.

Online Casinos with Cashback

Online Casino
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Bonus info
up to 12% Cashback
up to 2000 € per week
bis zu 15% cashback
up to € 3000 per week

How does a cashback casino work?

Even if many use the term money-back guarantee, this is not entirely correct. The online casino cashback does not necessarily guarantee a repayment. Because the prerequisite for receiving a repayment is a loss and this is always much higher than what you get back from it. Nevertheless, this promotion can be very interesting for casino guests who, for example, want to try themselves out first or want to bet more than usual.

But be careful: A cashback casino will only offer such a promotion for its customers, even if something pops out for the portal. That means first and foremost sales. We have put together all the important points about this promotion for you.

How do I get the bonus?

How to get such a casino bonus can look very different. Many gambling portals only offer such promotions to VIP customers. Regular customers who have already invested a lot of money in the portal. This is where you can find these bonuses by far the most frequently. But such promotions can also be found in regular operations.

  1. Exclusive bonuses: Since this bonus can be very lucrative for gamblers who are willing to take risks, access to it is usually only reserved for selected people. For example, the promotion can appear as a partner program on another website, for example via a link, as is very often the case. With one click you can go to the corresponding Cashback Casino and apply for the promotion.
  2. Registering on the casino website: Registering as a customer is very important. Because as soon as you play for real money, the gambling portal needs a contact person and a bank account. To ensure that your money also gets into your hands, a verification process is carried out after registration. This is usually done via a link in a confirmation email.
  3. In some cases you only get the bonus if you enter a bonus code. Like the link in the exclusive bonus, these codes are often issued by partner sites or advertised. The practical thing is that the gambling portal knows with this specific code how the customer found out about the promotion. Most of the time, these codes can be redeemed in the member's area. However, each gambling hall handles this individually.
  4. If you are clever, ask directly in your online casino about such an action. Regular customers in particular have a good chance of receiving a “discount” for loyal membership in the form of cashback. And if that is not possible, you can certainly get away with other advantages.

The conditions

In order to get an overview of what lies behind a casino cashback, you always have to be precise read through the conditions of participation for the promotion. These are usually in the small print under the offer itself or they are linked to the terms and conditions at a suitable point. With such an offer, the amount of the bonus is often decisive for the respective conditions. Because the higher the cashback, the higher the hurdles that have to be overcome in order to receive the repayment.

Most gambling halls only offer a small bonus cashback. On average, that's 10% to 20% that you can get back from your losses. Thus, in the event of a loss, the majority of the amount of money remains with the gambling hall. Since the conditions can also be different, we have put together an overview of what you could expect.


99.9% of all virtual arcades have one Registration requirement. This means that you have to provide your name, address and other contact details such as your email address or telephone number. This is the only way to create a customer account. If you also don't want to forego real money winnings, bank details will be added.


As with any promotion, you can expect this benefit only for a certain duration can be obtained. The reason for this is less that the gambling portal then no longer has any money for discounts, but rather the psychological effect behind it when you are forced to act quickly. The casino operators take advantage of the effect here. As part of a welcome bonus this promotion is only valid for beginners and mostly only for the first account top-ups.

But the cashback itself can be limited in time. This means that the promotion is only valid for a certain number of games or a certain sum that can be reached, etc.

Winning limits and wagering requirements

Another restriction are winning limits with which the online casinos show the amount that has been transferred back. For example, the 10% is sometimes counted as a bonus and has to be implemented multiple times or the profit from the cashback is capped to a certain amount. You are probably familiar with such restrictions if you have ever received Free spins without deposit.

Selected games

Another restriction at Cashback casino bonuses can come over the games that can be used with the promotion. Gambling halls often limit the money-back bonus to selected casino games, which is why this promotion is very often only found for live games. You can often find cashbacks for Live Roulette or Poker. This gives new players an incentive to try these titles as the loss is capped. This way, gambling halls get new customers for less frequented areas of their platform.

But slot machine games can also be used with a cashback. If the offer is only valid for one slot, this is usually for marketing reasons. This means that the casino company wants to use it to advertise a special game. The information about which slots or casino games can be used can always be found in the conditions of participation or in the terms and conditions.

Further restrictions

Cashback in Online casinos can look very diverse. Each platform makes its own specifications and conditions here. But what they all have in common is that they do not apply forever and usually not for all games. The reason for this is of course that the casino operators do not always want to forego 10% to 20% of their profit. This is only a concession on the part of the casino operator and a waiver of profit.

However, many gambling portals see such campaigns as an advertising measure that serves the purpose of convincing more customers of the respective gambling portal or of allowing existing customers to play animate. Therefore, of course, the action itself is always tied to conditions. You should be particularly careful with the way in which the cashback is credited to you. If the portion of the loss reaches your player account as bonus money, it can be subject to bonus conditions and thus Wagering requirements.

Cashback types

Es findet sich eine Vielzahl von verschiedenen Cashback-Typen im virtuellen Casinogeschäft. Je nach Ziel der Spielhalle wird eher Wert darauf gelegt, Bestandskunden zu begünstigen oder Neukunden anzuziehen. Wir haben für Sie die wichtigsten Arten zusammengesucht:

  • The welcome bonus
    One of the best-known bonuses is the new customer bonus. Rarely, but it happens, you will find a cashback bonus of 10% to 20% for a certain period of time. Where other casinos initially let their customers play slot machines for free but limit the winnings or apply bonus conditions, this form of promotion allows you to play with a safety net. Especially inexperienced new customers can play with a little more security.
  • VIP Cashback
    However, cashback for existing customers is much more common. The advantage for the arcade is that the customer has already invested a lot. She thus grants his favorite guests a kind of discount. It is also beneficial for the casino that the bonus only comes into play if the player loses. Many customers are therefore very happy about this well-intentioned gesture, if it comes along without further restrictions.
  • Live Casino Cashback
    Since the live casino is very often excluded from the usual bonus offers the cashback is the promotion you will come across here the most. In addition to the mentioned reimbursement of losses, this can also be a credit for a new live casino session, which can then be redeemed the next time you visit.
  • Further cashback promotions
    Since the If gambling halls forego income with the money-back guarantee, they often also limit these rewards to a certain time or financial framework. For example, many platforms only offer this promotion one day a week. This should encourage the players on this day to play a lot. Or they use the cashback as a prize for the winner of a tournament. There are no limits to the imagination.

How to use a cashback bonus

Basically, it is very easy to use. In order for the refund to take effect, you first have to make a normal deposit and play. Only when there are losses will the previously advertised portion be transferred back to the player's account. Here are the steps in detail:

  • Register
  • Apply for cashback
  • Make a stake and play
  • In the event of a loss, the announced portion will be paid back | || 456

In manchen Casinos wird der Betrag jedoch nicht als Echtgeld ausgezahlt, sondern als Bonus. Das heißt, man muss zum Beispiel ein Umsatzziel erfüllen oder Gewinne daraus werden auf eine bestimmte Höhe begrenzt.


The best offers that amusement arcades currently offer their customers are those that do not have any hidden wagering requirements or profit limits. Classic cashbacks often do without these additional clauses. They are therefore of interest to all players, regardless of whether they are an existing or new customer, and serve as a small safety net for hardworking players in the event that things don't go so well.