Casino Tricks and Tips 2021

How do you win in the casino? This question has preoccupied all game fans around the globe for decades and we are constantly on the lookout for really functioning casino tricks. The current boom in virtual game libraries and the enormous selection of games associated with it are undoubtedly generating even more enthusiasm among gamblers. Many friends of the classic table game now also prefer the much more comfortable gaming experience with online versions. A visit to a country casino is no longer necessary.

At the same time, the supposedly so helpful winning tips circulating online are also rapidly increasing. Certainly even with some players trying out one or the other promising trick ended disappointingly and one was further away from a profitable profit than ever before. Usually this also involves considerable expenditure of time and financial loss.

In order to save the player the risk of unnecessary disappointment, testing published Spielothek tips is the current focus at

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Unsere Experten überprüfen und testen Casinos in Germany from the player's point of view, so that even newcomers do not get hopelessly lost in this huge, virtual jungle.

One of our tasks is to collect facts that support the online player in differentiating between functional, obsolete or even criminal. Based on our own test experiences, we clarify which winning tips 2021 are really up to date and where there is a considerable inherent risk behind them. In the report below, gaming enthusiasts will find out how best to increase their chances of winning and what it is better to refrain from.

What danger lurks in the online hack offered for sale for the player?

Quite apart from the fact that it is of course generally forbidden to hack any game software, there are more for the player Risks included. As a rule, these are insecure websites on which the supposedly functioning online casino hack is offered. As a result, users of such sites run the risk of being hacked themselves. On closer inspection, there are a number of disadvantageous facts that one should consider beforehand:

  • Attempted fraud can also be prosecuted online.
  • There is a high probability, even of being a victim of fraud by charlatans
  • Hackers could spy on their own data when making a purchase and use it to act as a ploy.
  • Viruses can be included in the download that are lodged in their own operating system.

Wir raten jedem Spieler, von solch dubiosen Angeboten generell die Finger zu lassen. Es ist vollkommen unrealistisch, durch irgendwelche geheime Hackmethoden auf profitable Gewinne zu hoffen. Die Chance of only harming oneself is significantly greater than being able to benefit from it. Who would actually offer existing secret casino tricks online and thereby make them public? That would be more than illogical .

In addition, today's Internet casinos are comprehensively protected at all levels against any criminal manipulation thanks to the progress of modern software technology. The security precautions were strengthened with complex encryption techniques and supplemented with efficient early warning systems. In addition, online casino games are now based on a closed intranet system between casino software provider and casino, which no longer offers hackers a starting point.

Success and failure of previous hack attempts in Online Casinos

In the early days of virtual casinos, a hacker is said to have succeeded in gaining access to a casino server. This enabled him to manipulate the payout percentages in his favor. Of course the casino operators reacted immediately with increased security and there are hardly any other reports of similar cases of fraud in online casinos.

For example, card games have already been tried several times to create a profitable hand using a bot. However, the algorithms integrated in the software are continuously checked and verified for reliability. The all-too-perfect game tactic is therefore inevitably recognized as an irregularity and the gambler is suspected of fraud. This usually results in the deletion of the game account and a general access block to the relevant online game library.

Another scam to steal a profit online is by means of manipulated screen shoots. To do this, clever players take several screenshots of a specific online card game. These are then changed with image processing programs for your own benefit. With this falsified evidence, an attempt is now being made to accuse the gambling operator of fraud.

This trick is sure to backfire. Due to the internal records of the complete data collection of every single game, the player will inevitably be exposed as a cheater himself. Legalized internet casinos do not cheat their customers and know for their part to nip every illegal manipulation attempt in the bud. In addition, the right to withhold the entire account balance is anchored in the terms and conditions.

Our recommendation:
We can only generally advise against all insider tips offered for sale on the Internet. Hack apps inevitably originate from fraudsters and also carry the risk of being deceived by the user himself.

Is it allowed to outsmart the online casino with a bug found yourself?

Despite all the perfection of today's software technology, occasional system errors should occur in the game development. At least one of the most popular arcade tricks is to look for these rare bugs and make a profit from them. These are inconspicuous errors in the programming that can be discovered purely by chance through careful observation.

For example, there is a report of a player who discovered such a bug on a roulette machine in a gambling hall. It was possible to manipulate the account balance by touch operation by pressing the cancel button at the same time as placing several bets. The set amounts were retained, but were also booked as a new credit. One can assume that such errors by the casino operators by no means go undetected for long.

In addition, the use of software errors for one's own benefit is already an attempt at fraud rated and is forbidden. The excuse that the machine is not to blame is not accepted. The argument that nobody knew anything about it is even less popular. Both operators of offline and online casinos nowadays have ways and means to defend themselves against fraudsters and subsequent legal proceedings cannot be ruled out in both cases.

Our recommendation:
That's what it is actually one of the rare programming errors by chance, it is better to immediately inform the customer service of the Internet casino or the staff in the game library on site. Often the gambling providers even show themselves with an extra bonus or Free spins without deposit recognizable.

Which tricks are allowed and really work?

Insbesondere bei Tisch- und Kartenspielen schwören viele Online Player auf ihre eigene und mitunter recht komplizierte Strategie. Manche der gängigen Spielothek Tricks für Automatenspiele sind in ähnlicher Form beim Video Poker. For the most part, however, there are special game tactics for a very specific game of chance.

  • Martingale tactics
  • Card counting
  • Pokerface bluff
  • Mathematical theory
  • James Bond strategy
  • Bet by the dozen

Clever roulette or card players also take advantage of the lucrative promotions offered by the virtual gaming salons. Although most bonus promotions are geared towards slot machines, there are also some interesting special offers for table and card games. It can be worthwhile to browse the OnlineCasinoPolis for a profitable no deposit bonus.

Popular online casino tricks for card games

Bei Kartenspielen ist oft die Rede vom Kartenzählen, das allerdings grundlegend von der Größe des Kartendecks abhängig ist. Durch langjähriges Training und vollste Konzentration merkt sich der Spieler, alle bereits aufgedeckten Karten eines Decks. Daraus lässt sich schließen, welche Karten noch übrig sind, um das eigene Blatt gewinnbringend zu gestalten.

In the US film '21', shot in 2008, the story of a highly intelligent student is described by an unorthodox math professor in the Card counting is taught in blackjack. For the normal recreational player, however, it should be quite difficult to acquire these ingenious skills.

We would like to recommend that you study the rules and possible uses in blackjack. It is important to learn whether you give up a hand and only lose half the bet or double the bet to reveal the next card. Making the optimal decision at the right moment is the best path to success.

Card poker, on the other hand, is a table game in which, in addition to a bit of luck, well-founded gaming knowledge is particularly important. Without mastering all the possible card combinations inside out, it is impossible to correctly assess the chances of winning your own hand. However, this is a basic requirement in order to be able to make an advantageous decision in the deployment phases

Using a skillful bluff to outsmart opponents in poker is a widespread practice at the gaming tables. However, poker face tactics are not required for online poker tournaments. Newbies like to choose video poker machines to get started, as the much simpler gameplay makes it easier to memorize the different card combinations.

Take advantage of the roulette betting system

This table game has by far the most tips to win successfully. This also includes one of the oldest theories, which is based on the principle of doubling and is also used in other games. With this so-called Martingale strategy in the event of a loss, the stake in the following rounds is doubled until the profit is distributed.

That sounds at first Looks quite plausible and logical, but is usually angry because of the betting limit. In real money roulette games with a very wide bet range, there is a slightly higher probability of being successful, provided you are on betting fields with a 50:50 chance | || 413 setzt. Es bleibt jedoch zu bedenken, dass man bei 10maligem Verdoppeln eines Euros bereits bei 1.024 Euro angelangt ist.

Our recommendation:
We could not discover a single method that does not involve a considerable risk of loss would go hand in hand. Therefore, we save ourselves the explanation of further useless theories and guess, learn the rules of the game and use different betting options.

Increase the chances of winning with the tips of professionals

In gambling it is not much different than how in all other things in life. So here too you can learn a lot from the old hands in the game world. How do you win using the tried and tested tactics of numerous professional players when playing online? So let's examine the strategic aspects that are crucial for professionals.

Fact number one is that experienced soldiers of fortune have mastered the rules of the game and know how online games work. A reliable random number generator, the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG), is integrated into every game software. As a result, wins and losses are generated purely randomly and are therefore based solely on luck or bad luck.

The payout percentages in online casinos often reach up to 99% for video poker and table games, which is higher than for slot machines which usually fluctuate between 95-97%. These values ​​are determined for each individual game over a longer period of time and are calculated from the sum of the total real stakes of all players. This of course results in the fact that one person gains greater profits from the losses of others and vice versa.

Logically, ignorance can lead to game errors and one inevitably ends up on the losing side more quickly. However, on our homepage there is the option to test slot machines for free without registration. The best casino tips from the pros can be tried out:

  • Adapt game selection to personal preferences and knowledge.
  • Keep an eye on the available gaming budget.
  • Mit Geduld und Selbstdisziplin spielen.
  • Know when to end your visit to the internet casino.
  • Take breaks in between games.

Defining limits for the amount of bets, Profits and losses

In the fun mode, new games or variants that are not yet known can be tested for free. If you like the game, you will practice with play money until you feel confident enough to use real money. Even beginners have the opportunity to search for a suitable version of the game without taking any risk. Unnecessary losses due to ignorance can thus be avoided very easily.

Every professional player adapts his individual strategy primarily to his own budget. The creation of an optimal bank management before the game starts is therefore one of the most important factors for a satisfactory game result. The following points must be weighed up at the beginning:

  • Consider what amount per month, week or day is easily available as play money.
  • Decide how much of it you are willing to lose, if necessary get over.
  • Determine the amount of winnings at which the game should be ended by a payout.

Based on the specified game budget, the bet amount per round is selected. If you succeed in doubling the start-up capital used, nothing speaks against your luck with a correspondingly higher bet. If the initial balance has halved, it is of course better to reduce the risk as well.

Winning in the casino through conscious gaming behavior

Experienced players adhere strictly to their individually created bank management and take them into account their set pain threshold for loss. This means that the maximum amount of money that will be wagered on that day is determined before the game starts. On the other hand, the game is ended immediately by a payout as soon as a certain amount of winnings has been won in the casino.

Greed and the pursuit of even more profit has often driven the undisciplined player to ruin. It can be just as fatal to panic on a losing streak and to increase the risk through higher stakes. Self-control of one's own emotions coupled with the gaming budget are basic requirements for gaming success and ultimately perfect gaming enjoyment. Luck can by no means be forced and it sometimes takes some Patience and perseverance.

Disciplined and responsible gaming in the online casino

Solid Internet casinos usually recommend their customers to carry out a self-test using a comprehensive checklist. After all, realistically weighing up your own gambling behavior is a prerequisite for future success that should not be underestimated. If a gambler is not always able to control himself sufficiently, effective protective functions can be activated:

  • Set a maximum limit that corresponds to your own budget and that can be set over a certain period of time.
  • Determine a maximum total amount for deposits within a time frame.
  • Setting a maximum limit for losses during a certain period of time.
  • Set a maximum playing time for each visit to the virtual gaming room.
  • To exclude yourself from playing for a certain period of time in order to take a break.
  • The unlimited game exclusion as the ultimate consequence when playing leads to annoyance instead of enjoyment.

Zweifellos ist die Disziplin der Profis nicht jedem Freizeitspieler in die Wiege gelegt und muss geübt werden. So kann es passieren, dass sich der eine oder andere von der Spielspannung zu sehr mitreißen lässt und den Überblick verliert. Mangelt es dem Online Spieler an der erforderlichen Selbstkontrolle, ist es besser das Kundenkonto direkt durch individually adjusted limits.

Conclusion of our tips & tricks expert test 2021

Games of chance should generally be seen for what they actually are. Namely a game for recreational entertainment in which chance decides win and loss. Every one hundred percent promise of profit, however promising, is absolute nonsense. However, some of the highly praised strategies can be classified as harmless and sometimes increase the fun effect a little.

Often, however, there is an enormous risk of loss and sometimes even criminal consequences are the result. Corresponding warnings can be found in all terms and conditions. Solid internet casinos offer the modern adventurer a wide range of fascinating gaming options. The chances of winning are significantly better compared to land casinos and are topped with attractive promotions.

Our specialists take a close look at Internet gaming libraries and only properly licensed gambling operators are listed on

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We also enable recreational gamers to try out new games for free in fun mode without registration.

Our goal is to show the online player the way to optimal gaming enjoyment. Therefore, instead of illegal trickery, we recommend consciously concentrating on disciplined gaming behavior. Every streak of luck has an end just as no one is stalked by bad luck forever.