not. Gaps in the software are usually closed by the developers faster than any key combinations can be published on the Internet or used by players.

Manipulate and hack slot machines: Tricks & Tips 2021

There are tons of instructions with more or less helpful slot machine tricks circulating on the Internet. The most varied of methods promise absolutely one hundred percent profit. Frequently, apps developed by apparently skilled hackers are offered online as an aid on the way to success.

Of course, prior transfer of a more or less large amount of money is required in order to receive it. Often it is just a matter of pulling a few euros out of the player's pocket. But what is complete nonsense and how can the chances of winning actually be increased?

Our experienced team of experts has dealt with this topic in detail and carefully examined the facts behind it .

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The following test results from our specialists clarify the difference between fraud and myth or current reality.

How the manipulation of machine games once began

Since the invention of the first gaming machines, people have pondered the question: How do I trick slot machines to win | || 315 ? More than 50 years ago, clever minds devised ways and means of influencing what was then still mechanical machines for their own benefit. So let's first take a look at whether the well-known or less well-known aids from the early days of the arcade era can still work today:

  • Preparing coins
  • Influencing with magnets
  • Einsatz von Spezialwerkzeugen
  • Manually stopping the rollers
  • Manipulation with flashes of light

Manipulating the coin slot in slot machines

It used to be commonplace to throw the coins one by one into the slot machine's coin slot. Patient tinkerers therefore developed various machine tricks in which the insertion of money remained free. For example, a somewhat tighter thread was tied to a coin in order to try one's luck for hours with one and the same coin.

Although this did not have a positive effect on the profit distributions, it was possible tounzählige Freispiele ergaunern. When inserting the coin, the player kept the attached thread in his hand. As soon as the rollers started moving, the coin could be pulled out again by the thread. Round after round was played for free in this way until the machine spat out a larger win.

Another popular slot machine coin tricks was the previous preparation of a shaved coin. For this purpose, the edges of the coins were smoothed so that the game started, but the coin was not accepted by the machine and then spat out again. Due to the former weight-based coin recognition, there is even talk of playing with worthless buttons.

Valid coins have been reliably recognized since the first electronic money slot machines at the latest. In addition, laws and penalties are more rigorous today and any attempted fraud can be detected more quickly via video surveillance.

Influence the gaming mechanism of the machines with a magnet

A strong magnet was one of the first auxiliary devices used to close slot machines irritate. The former 'one-armed bandits' were still operated with a lever mechanism and the housing was made of steel. A few years later the models with electromechanical drive followed.

Fraudulent gamblers always had their own magnet with them when they visited a slot machine hall. This was then positioned inconspicuously on the side of the machine housing while playing. According to ancient traditions, this enabled the coin dispensing mechanism to be manipulated.

Slot machines have been exclusive for almost twenty years made with plastic housing and placing a magnet on it is no longer possible. In addition, the games are operated digitally and the software cannot be positively influenced by magnets.

Various special tools for cracking slot machines

Shrewd hobbyists among slot machine players devised imaginative methods and tools, the mechanics of Outsmart slot machines. For example, a relatively simple wire technology is reported. With a little dexterity, the player inserted a straightened wire into the slot machine to manipulate the credit display. So five euros quickly turned into fifty euros.

Also known is the manipulation of gaming machines with the help of a so-called monkey claw or manhole claw. Whereby not when inserting but when ejecting the coins was tricked. Skilled players can use this claw-shaped metal hook to open the locking mechanism in the coin chute. As a result, more coins apparently slipped out even with smaller wins.

With the modern slot machines with cashless payment methods these scams no longer work of course. For their part, machine operators keep pace with technology and mechanical ones have been replaced by digital devices.

The change in manipulation methods in the course of progress

In the 70s, Tommy Glenn Carmichael began making various aids and tools to develop automated manipulation yourself. This included, among other things, a very special device that was called ‚Monkeys Paw‘. With this he was able to trick the coin slot in order to get endless free spins. Carmichael managed to refine his techniques and adapt them to various new developments for more than two decades. He was active in the casinos in Las Vegas until the 1990s and is said to have stolen several hundred thousand US dollars in the process.

In the past there were a few other fraud methods that have long since stopped working. This includes the famous legal trick of the hamburger known as the 'monarch' and his manual skill at stopping the rollers. The manipulation with light flashes and irritating the light sensors is long history. That's why we're now jumping straight to the present without a transition and concentrating on the slot machines that are common today.

How do I trick the game software?

Every enthusiastic game enthusiast has asked himself this question at some point . The old slot machine tricks are obviously bad in the digital age. In addition, the attempt to manipulate the slot machine is already considered fraud and can be prosecuted.

Every player should be aware of this and think twice about whether he is really willing to take this risk. Especially since the profit that can be achieved with it would often not be worth it.

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We at have therefore taken a closer look at the tricks that are often circulating on the Internet:

  • Die Wait for the hot phase in the winning cycle
  • The targeted exploitation of bugs and cheats
  • Press a combination of various keys

Exact game observation to determine the exact winning cycle

One of the most popular slot machine tricks is finding out the hot and cold phases of winning. For example, if one machine recently spat out a large sum, it would be better to play with another. Conversely, long phases of loss should be a sure sign of early profit distributions. The basis of this tactic is likely erroneously based on average payout percentages.

On top of that, many gaming strategies are based on the firm belief that every slot machine game has a recognizable pattern that predicts winnings based on a repetitive scheme. Conveniently, so-called bots are offered on the subject of winning cycle slot machines, which can spy out when the stake should be increased. Purchasing such a ready-made program saves the enormous amount of time required to find out the algorithm of a slot machine game.

That You can definitely save money, profit distributions are now basically based on reliable random number generators (RNG) and are therefore possible at any time. Winnings are generated purely randomly and recognizing repetitions in the course of the game is completely impossible.

Profit advantages by pressing the right keys

When looking for a good slot machine trick, you will find countless tips in which different keys should be pressed in a certain combination and order. Most key combinations are about using existing bugs in the respective slot machine game to your own advantage. Often this should trigger endless free spins without deposit, which in turn can help you win big.

So you can find numerous instructions on the Internet for exploiting alleged system errors as to which keys must be pressed when and how with which gaming machine. As expected, clever hacking professionals offer cheats that have already been spied out as ready-to-download downloads. Of course, against prior transfer of a certain amount of money.

Although there have actually been individual slot machine games in the past where this was possible for a short time due to a programming error, the software manufacturers nicht. Lücken in der Software werden von den Entwicklern in der Regel schneller geschlossen, als etwaige Tastenkombinationen im Internet publiziert beziehungsweise von Spielern genutzt werden können.

Manipulating slot machines with mobile phones

Required manipulation decades ago Still technical skills, today it is software specialists who illegally hack machines. Smart and iPhone users in particular are now offered an unbelievable flood of fraudulent methods for allegedly 100% profit on the Internet. Of course, the software manufacturers themselves do not stand still and constantly counteract the undertaking. Then the current facts about the known cell phone tactics:

  • Phreaking method
  • UHFvhf or EMP jammers
  • Hack apps as download

The software manipulation by mobile phone with the phreaking method

One of the best-known methods is, for example, so-called phreaking, which caused a sensation some time ago, especially among Novoline fans. It is an old subculture of hacking that was originally used for making free calls. The then still analog telephone connections were tricked by sending special audio signals.

In the course of progress, the further development of this hacking technology expanded rapidly to the cyber world. Nowadays one wants to manipulate slot machine games with mobile phones, one often speaks of phreaking. This is to enable the player to influence the network connection. Whereby a certain diode is searched for in the network in order to falsely pretend to be an administrator.

Apart from the fact that manipulating slot machines with mobile phones is illegal, most of the game developments have since been launched brought the latest technology and thus this hacking method is also obsolete. Nonetheless, dubious traders are still trying to make their own profit from it.

Jamming electromagnetic machines with EMP Jammer

To manipulate casino machines, wire and magnet were used replaced by electromagnetic impulses over time. These UHFvhf jammers or EMP jammers are often hidden in cigarette packets for use in amusement arcades. The hidden pulses are able to influence the electrical circuit of a gaming machine via mobile phone.

This method is based on the support common to many slot machines from bluetooth. The use of EMP jammers is explained very clearly in various video tutorials. Just as numerous instructions and kits are offered for sale on the Internet.

You can definitely save yourself the money for purchasing an EMP Jammer. This method is as outdated as it is forbidden and has also been replaced by various mobile phone apps.

Mobile phone software for manipulating slot machine games

Perhaps one or the other has already become aware of the strict ban on mobile devices wondered in vending machines. There is a very good reason for this. Slot machines can be influenced by cell phone radiation, as both work in the same frequency range between 1,800 and 2,000 megahertz.

Dodgy hackers take advantage of this fact, to intervene in the software's algorithm | || 480 . Dem Player wird dann gegen Bezahlung eine Spielautomaten Hack App zum Downloaden angeboten. Allerdings sind diese Apps nicht vielfältig einsetzbar, sondern müssen bei einem bestimmten Spiel angewandt werden.

Anyone who browses the internet for gaming machines with mobile phone software inevitably comes across the offer of a Map colors app. With the help of WiFi and Bluetooth, a secret connection to the machine software is established due to the same frequency. For example, it can be used to predict the next color of cards in the popular Merkur slots risk game. In this way, with the card risk, smaller winnings can be quickly multiplied up to 140 euros.

Even if you could hack the slot machine with it, the potential returns seem rather unprofitable in relation to the risk you are taking. Especially since these hacks could only work for a short period of time at best, instead you often get some viruses when you download the app free of charge.

An overview of the most frequently asked questions about machine tricks

Modern In addition to the chances of winning, slot machine games undoubtedly offer significantly more entertainment value than they used to be. But no matter how lavishly and spectacularly a slot machine is designed, every player is preoccupied with the same question - How do you win at the slot machine? A veritable flood of auspicious tricks invite the enthusiastic soldier of fortune to try them out and raise some fundamental questions with the skeptic.

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Advances in software technology undoubtedly offer recreational gamers ever more fascinating gaming adventures and unprecedented gaming enjoyment. At the same time, modern technology enables developers to completely secure the software. In this complex programming, hardly any system errors creep in that clever fraudsters could take advantage of.

Of course, some hacking professionals have just as excellent software knowledge as the game developers themselves. For example, we found a report from 2017 about a case of fraud, organized on a large scale by the Russian casino mafia, which happened a few years earlier. At the beginning, several decommissioned gaming machines were bought from casinos. After six months of intensive research on the machine, an absolute luminary in his field succeeded in analyzing the source code of the software in a profitable way.

Ultimately, the crooks were able to use the pseudo-random number generators (PRNG) in several Outsmarting US gambling halls. The euphoria did not last too long, however, until a gang of four fraudsters was arrested in 2014. In the year 2021 it should be almost impossible to successfully manipulate software developments. Instead, there is an increased risk of criminal prosecution if you make the slightest attempt to hack the software in any way.

Can Merkur and Novoline slots really be tricked?

As soon as you are online If you are looking for tips and tricks for slot machine games, you will inevitably come across the renowned software brands Merkur and Novoline. You can find pretty much every conceivable tactic to crack the popular slots, from slot machine 2 Euro trick to various software hacks and cheats. For the most part, players are encouraged to use a method that can be purchased online but is forbidden.

In addition, there are pages instructions with carefully worked out strategies, which should enable enormous profit distributions. Among other things, we found a very exciting-sounding manual for the Book of Ra slot. If the player adheres to the following steps, the chance of winning the full screen of the Pharaoh is allegedly increased by a staggering 500% set to five.

  1.   Zu Spielbeginn den Einsatz mindestens eine Stufe über dem Mindesteinsatz wählen und die Anzahl der Gewinnlinien auf fünf einstellen.
  2. As soon as only half of the initial balance is left, reduce to the minimum stake and continue playing until free spins are achieved.
  3. Now comes the highlight: When you receive the Free spins increase the stake and continue playing in autoplay mode, then you can play automatically until the full screen appears.

Every game enthusiast should know that the last point alone is complete nonsense, since the stake is only ahead or can be changed after free spins phases. In addition, none of the strategy systems examined appear to us to be even remotely plausible; most of them show similar inconsistencies. The myth of cracking the popular machines zu können is likely to be based on individual fraud scandals in the past.

For example, Germany's news media reported in December 2014 of simultaneous fraud in several Merkur Spielotheken. Apparently an organized gang had succeeded in outsmarting certain slot machines with a secret keystroke. One of the perpetrators was then sentenced to a heavy fine for double computer fraud.

Is it helpful to buy slot machines trick books online?

The internet is teeming with top secret tips for outwitting Slot machine games. Usually this is a high-priced download of software or a no less expensive trick book in e-book version. Stellen wir diesbezüglich also einige Überlegungen an, was dem Spieler hier im Detail geliefert werden könnte.

  • A clever brain has found a one hundred percent way to really cash in on slot machines.
  • Possibly could he successfully exploited a programming error or he found another method to illegally hack the software.
  • However, this do-gooder is not trying his luck with his secret trick, but publishes his discovery online.
  • For a certain sum of money as compensation for his efforts, he lets everyone share in the laurels.
  • In relation to the expected profit, this is of course only a ridiculously small investment.

In our opinion, this is more than unlikely in all respects and definitely arouses our greatest suspicions. First of all, it would be completely illogical on the part of the discoverer not to take advantage of it quietly and secretly in the next game library. Second, the software developers would be warned at the latest at the time of publication and would react immediately.

Is it easier to hack the software of online slots?

Exactly the opposite is the case. Online slot machines are not operated via PRNG but are generally equipped with real random number generators. As a result, a recognizable pattern in the algorithm is completely excluded. Every well-known game manufacturer also invests a lot of money in programming and safeguarding software developments. This also includes a regular check of the properly functioning RNG (Random Number Generator).

So far we have only been able to detect one case of fraud involving slot machines manipulation in || | 565 Online Casinos Discovering the Cryptologic software successfully manipulated in 2001. Here, professional hackers succeeded in discovering a security gap and stealing a total of seven figures. However, this gap was closed again by the software programmer within just a few hours. Nevertheless, criminal hackers will never rest to continue looking for programming errors or devising other hacking methods.

At the same time, first-class software specialists are also continuously working on further developments to make their games even better secure. There is constant competition between hackers and developers, with the former being able to emerge victorious at best in the short term. If a hacker discovered a system error today, he can only use it to hack the slot machine. All hack tricks circulating online are either fictitious or no longer work.

How big is the probability of being cheated yourself?

Among the free machine tricks there is none Ask a lot, humbug originating from some prankster, but it rarely causes damage.

With the various manipulation aids offered for sale, however, the greatest caution is advised. If any of the illegal hacks ever actually worked, they are certainly out of date. Despite all of this, there is a risk of making yourself liable to prosecution by using them.

Most of the time, these are just offers from scammers who try to cheat players. It is certainly easier to collect 50 euros each from a thousand or more customers, for example, than to get 50,000 or more euros out of a slot machine. In relation to this, the risk of being cheated by online casino operators is very low.

Internet casinos are now operated and controlled according to strict guidelines. Cheating on the player would inevitably result in the withdrawal of the gambling license. Of course, black sheep keep popping up in the modern cyber world who operate illegally and fraudulently. Recognizing manipulated slot machines is certainly not easy for the layman, so you should only try your luck in reputable gambling houses.

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How do you win? - Which tips really help?

In order to emerge as a winner in games of chance, you primarily need two things - the right amount of luck and in-depth knowledge of how the game actually works. On our website we therefore offer free demo versions to get to know. In this way, online players in Germany can also learn to understand the exact functioning of slot machines without registration without risk.

An ideal opportunity for every newcomer to online Game world to explore different types of machines for free. For beginners, for example, classic slots with a simple game structure are ideal. On the other hand, the fun mode enables the experienced player to risk-free trying out ultramodern new games with elaborate extra features.

We recommend every game enthusiast to develop an individual strategy according to their own needs before switching to real money slot machines. The course of the game in demo mode is completely identical to real mode, the only difference is that you can neither lose nor win. The right know-how also automatically increases the chances of winning. The following is a selection of legal slot machine tricks 2021 that are helpful for playing success:

  • Understand functions and rules
  • Customize game selection
  • Keep an eye on your own game budget
  • Clever use of bonus offers

Pay close attention to the instructions in the game rules

Nowadays there is an enormous variety of slot machine games, for example fruit classics, 3D video slots, reusable slot machines, jackpot slots and much more. Adapted to different game types, the structure and rules of the game vary from simple to complicated. Winning combinations are generated over three or five and now more reels. Winning symbols embody different values ​​and some function with very special properties.

We recommend that every player read the information on rules and payout tables carefully and only play with real money, if you understand all the functions.

Tips for setting the bet size

The bet range of modern online slots is usually very broad and therefore offers very individual betting options. Cautious recreational players will find ways to spin the reels as early as from one or two cents. Risk players can also juggle a few hundred euros. The desired stake per spin is selected by the coin value and / or number of coins before the start of the game. In any case, it is up to the player himself to set the bet size appropriately.

In addition, the number of paylines is very different and can be determined by yourself in some slot machine games. With many slot machine tips, it is recommended to always play with the maximum possible number of paylines. Other recommendations speak of higher chances of winning the higher the stake.

We generally recommend adjusting the total stake per round to your own gaming budget and thus betting on all win lines. The chances of achieving several smaller wins at the same time are usually better than winning higher winnings with one line.

Cracking progressive jackpot slots with high stakes

Cracking a slot machine with a bulging Jackpot is waiting, of course, is every lucky soldier's dream. The more players try their luck at a progressive slot machine, the faster the sum in the jackpot increases until it is finally cracked by a lucky winner. Reports of payouts in the millions are even more motivating for every jackpot hunter. The most common tip for hitting a jackpot is with high stakes to gamble.

This is actually the famous exception that rather high than low stakes for Goal leads. However, it always depends on the specific rules of each individual jackpot slot, as there are also different variants.

Pay attention to the RTP value of a machine

With online slot machines, the profit share is the Casino operator lower than in land casinos. RTP is the abbreviation for 'Return to Player' and provides information about what percentage of the total real money stakes in a slot machine game are returned to the players. It is not uncommon for the long-term calculated, average RTP values ​​for online slots to be well over 95% and in individual cases even reach up to 99%.

Zudem ist in den Angaben zur Volatilität beziehungsweise Varianz eines Spielautomaten das Verhältnis von Häufigkeit zu Gewinnhöhe ersichtlich. Beispielsweise besagt hohe Volatilität, dass eher seltener Gewinne generiert werden, die dann allerdings höher ausfallen. Bei niedriger Varianz kann wiederum mit häufigen kleinen Erträgen gerechnet werden.

Even if you never know when you will be lucky, it makes perfect sense to play slot machines with high RTP values ​​to look for. In addition, games with a high variance are of course primarily suitable for the patient gambler who prefers to wait for bigger winnings.

Take advantage of bonus offers from legal online casinos

Every reputable Internet gambling hall undoubtedly offers its customers some attractive bonus promotions, for example no deposit bonus. New customers are rewarded and regular players are encouraged to continue playing. This is why online gamblers permanently have profitable welcome bonuses to choose from, with which they can get an additional bargain.

Anyone who browses through the bonus promotions of is sure to find a lucrative bonus offer that suits their individual preferences. So that you can actually make a profit, we strongly recommend observing the associated bonus conditions.

Myth and the current facts from experts

It is still often advised that the hot phase in slot machine games to be seen. If you spin the reels a few times, you should be able to see whether larger profit distributions are due. At many virtual casinos you can also follow the current list of winners. If necessary, it would be better to change the slot machine to try one's luck with another.

It may be that a hot slot machine could be spied on in the slot machine halls in the past . With today's online slots, that's absolute nonsense, as winnings are based on pure chance and the RNG responsible for them is checked regularly.

Finally, we recommend that you contact customer service if you have any questions. A trained service team is available in every reputable online casino and all concerns are processed efficiently via live chat or alternatively by e-mail.

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In addition, all demo versions can be tried out free of charge in advance at without registration in order to get to know unknown games completely risk-free. || | 702